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Alaska Gold Rush / Tut's Treasure Fishin' for Cash / Leapin' Lizardz Lucky Raven / Fields & Streams
Bingo Night / Sugar Shack Grape Ape / Eye of the Tiger Mega Bacon / Ace in the Hole
Cherry Buster / American Traveler Jolly Juices / Swine & Roses Move Your Bass / Little Peckers
Chimp Change / Cash Stampede King Pin / Falcon Warrior Turtle Whacks / Hot Chicks



UVP0007 - Double-Sided Pirate's Pack 350 count
UVP0009 - Double-Sided Deep Space Dollars Multi-Pack
UVP0010 - Double-Sided Cash & Money 450 count
UVP0011 - Double-Sided Food Group 990 count
UVP0032 - Double-Sided Sweet Treats 990 count
UVP0033 - Double-Sided At The Bar 450 count
UVP0052 - Double-Sided Order Up 450 count
UVP0053 - Double-Sided Nature's Wonders 990 count


JDA339AR - Jackpot Double Action 3960 Count $100 Top
JDA338R - Jackpot Double Action 3420 Count $50 Top


1W750TSA - At Play with the TSA Multi-Pack 750 count  
UVP0001 - Celebrities Multi-Pack  
UVP0002 - TAILS Multi-Pack
UVP0004 - Pistol Pete / Mary Pop Open / I Dream of Genie / The Tin Man / Fast Frankie /Crystal Claire Multi Pack
UVP0005 - World of Wonders Multi-Pack
UVP0006 - Off Their Rocker Multi-Pack
UVP0008 - Multi-Pack 350 count (Cash Bash / Bouncing Babies / Money Talks / Castaways / Dancing Dollars / Celebrity Cash)
  - Monster Mania Multi-Pack 105, 160 & 180 counts (UVP0017, UVP0018, UVP0019)  
  - Strip Pack Multi-Pack 105 & 480 counts (UVP0020, UVP0020LS, UVP0021, UVP0021LS)  
UVP0022 - Egg Pack 480 count Multi-Pack  
UVP0025 - Animal Picker 820 Count Multi-Pack  
UVP0026 - Firemen's Pack 480 count Multi-Pack  
- California Gold Rush Multi-Pack 105, 160, 180, 350 & 990 counts (UVP0027, UVP0028, UVP0029, UVP0030, UVP0031)  
UVP0034 - Celebrities Multi-Pack 990 count  
UVP0035 - Mary Pop Open Multi-Pack 990 count  
UVP0036 - Fast Food Multi-Pack 990 count  
- Patriotic Multi-Pack 105, 160, 180, 350, 480, 565 & 990 counts (UVP0037, UVP0038, UVP0039, UVP0040, UVP0041, UVP0042, UVP0043)  
UVP0044 - Fruit Picker Group 180 count  
- Deal Me In Multi-Pack 105, 160, 180, 350, 480, 565 & 990 counts (UVP0045, UVP0046, UVP0047, UVP0048, UVP0049, UVP0050, UVP0051)  
- Race Time Multi-Pack 105, 160, 180, 330, 350, 480, 565, 990 & 1970 counts (UVP0054, UVP0055, UVP0056, UVP0057, UVP0058, UVP0059, UVP0060, UVP0061, UVP0062)  


NEW! Cocktails (1W3840CTL)
NEW! Fruit Picker (1W3840FRPK)
NEW! Hook & Ladder (1W3840HOOK)
NEW! Roll The Dice (1W3840RTD)
Peace Keeper/Dragon Fever (1W3840PK, 1W3840DF)
Bar The Slots/Quick Stop (1W3840BTS/1W3840QS)
Jelly Beans (Shaped Tickets - available in 3 payouts 1W3888JBSA, 1W3888JBSB, 1W3888JBSC)
Jolly Juicies (Shaped Tickets - available in 2 payouts 1W3888JLYJA, 1W3888JLYJB)


Fireman's Bonus (1W3990FMBR)
Gotta Lotta Balls/Caught In A Pickle (1WGLB, 1WGLBLS, 1WCIAP, 1WCIAPLS)
Jelly Beans/Leave My Nuts Alone (1WJBS, 1WJBSLS, 1WLMNA, 1WLMNALS)
Worker Bees/Stars & Stripes (1WWB, 1WWBLS, 1WSAS, 1WSASLS)


Life in a Pond (Life in a Pond / Cold Hard Cash / Baaad to The Bone / I Can't Drive 55 / Jolly Roger)*
Ancient Dragon (Ancient Dragon / Bingo Fever / It's a Jungle Out There / Money to Burn / I Smell a Rat)*
A Salute to Services (USMC /USAF / US NAVY/ US ARMY)
Thank A Vet (If you love your freedom - Thank A Vet)
Bright Lights Big Money (Bright Lights Big Money / Bogey Bucks / Wheeler Dealer / Beer Hunter / Wishin' I Was Fishin')
Egyptian Prince (Egyptian Prince / Money Maker / Cat Burglar / We Salute You / Double Wild Cherries)
NEW! VFW (VFW2412 & VFW2664)
NEW! American Muscle (American Muscle/Jester’s Jackpot/Junkyard Hog/Bejeweled/It’s In The Stars)


NEW! Joe Tickets (Abra Cadabra Joe/Rawhide Joe/Rip It Off Joe/Dough Boy Joe)    
African Ice (African Ice / 6 Shooters / Fortune Fever)*    
Diamond Dash (Diamond Dash / Penguin Power / Treasures Galore)*    
NEW! Bank On It (Bank On It/In The Money/Pistol Packing Puppies)    
NEW! Beggin’ Buddies (Beggin’Buddies/Old Farts/Out to Lunch)    
Bathroom Blues Lady Bug Luck Cool Cat Magic Jewels
Loose Caboose Magic 7's Wild 7's Gold Mine
3rd Rock from the Sun Extra Money Home on the Range Pelican Poker
All Cracked Up Fun on the Farm Jewel Box Sparkling LuckS
Casino Quick Cash Hold Your Horses Moonshine Money Spin-Tacular


NEW! Bow Wow Bucks/JAR-O-DO/Show Me The Money (15 PAYOUT OPTIONS)